Kill Emil

Greece // Athens



Kill Emil is a Hip Hop-Downtempo producer and Beatmaker from Athens, Greece. He laces hip hop-based beats with his own upbeat rhythms to go above and beyond typical looped downtempo sounds. His sound and his warm instrumentals border on otherwordliness has matured immensely while always staying headnoddingly fresh.

His most impressive releases to date have been his “Salvation” LP which dropped back in September, and the “Lights & Shadows” LP from 2014, which solidified his esoteric and earthy sound .

Shared the stage with : Bonobo,Guts,Quantic and His Combo Barbaro,Ondatropica,Chinese Man,Gramatik,Dub Pistols,Looptroop Rockers,Barry Ashworth,Andy Smith,The Herbalizer and many more…


Phone +30 694 6410949

Email plout@enterevents.gr

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